This festive season, don't let your pets suffer! A few drops of Rescue Remedy in their water will go a long way toward keeping then calm and unaffected. Or of course, we could simply stop bursting firecrackers and help the environment, the little children in the factories.. AND our pets! 😄
Original Zero alcohol Rescue Remedy for Rs 600.

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Dear Pet Parents,🐱🐶
We are overjoyed with the kind of response we have received on our tick and flea environment spray and we have received loads of queries if it can be used on your pet's body as well. Therefore we concluded that we make a product specific for body application as well . Therefore we now have 2 products in the pipeline- 

1)Natural Tick and Flea - Environment Spray ( for areas infested by Fleas and Ticks eg:- Bedding, Corners, Surroundings near the pet etc.)
2.Natural Tick and Flea - Body Spray - to relieve pets from ticks and fleas infestation  . 
We are thankful that you have stood by us in this journey so far in creating WOW products, we have successfully launched our range of Pet Care products and have received wonderful responses from Pet Parents which motivates us to work even harder.
We would like to send the samples of this product ONLY to pet parents who are facing Tick & Fleas issue at the moment and are interested to share feedback & Videos of this Natural and Safe spray being used. If interested please comment below.
We are looking forward to your honest feedback (text or videos ) irrespective of its kind, which may be negative or positive. This would help us to develop the best in class product and we need your help & support.
Thank you in advance.

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