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Our Aim? We aspire to make life more convenient for you and your pets by presenting to you as many services we can under one "woof"! We hope you love some of our features that are really going to bring the pet-loving community closer together.  Be sure to subscribe to receive the latest mails and updates! Loving your pets as much as you do:)




The right fit. Let's start with finding you the perfect pet. That's where the journey starts and we want to be there with you from this crucial step 1 so that neither you nor your pet have to ever compromise to fit into each other's lifestyle. Get tips from the best blogs on adoption as well as the contacts and location of reviewed agencies closest to you.

Health care and spa


It's time to spoil your pet. Give your pet that luxurious treat of going for a relaxing spa vacay once in a while. We got your backs covered by getting you the best deals possible. You're new here? We'll make sure you never have to get a bad experience with a vet. Find the most comfortable clinics and spas right here.



 Sweat up a storm. The joy in owning a pet comes with the pleasure (maybe not a feeling you feel during training... but definitely an after-affect) of a two- way learning system between you and your pet. Keep up with blogs on how to train your pet at home. We've got you covered with names and locations of training centres closest to you.

Pet Sitting and Walking

Pet "Air B&B"


Never Seen Before... Paws On acts as a mediator in an "Air B & B" set-up for dogs, where you can now check in your pet at a host's house( or take up the role of being a host for someone else's pet) while you go on your trip/holiday in peace. We'll help you find the closest person looking for a dog (who knows it could even be your neighbour) and help you communicate and have a mutual set-up. I understand that it's a scary thought at first but many people would love to have a pet for a few days. Better than a kennel right?



Coming to the Open House Weekend for dogs this Sunday? Oh. You didn't know about it? Right now you're in the shoes of many pet owners, who find it hard to keep a tab of the continuous series of events that keep taking place. That's why you need Paws On : to open up this whole tight community of pet-lovers when you go out for pet fashion shows and movies with your pet through reservations from right here.

Pet-Friendly Hotels and Restaurants


Tired of being rejected restaurant to restaurant just because you have your pet with you? And when hunger overcomes, having to take a heart-breaking decision of tying him/her up outside? Find pet-friendly restaurants in just a click to help you maximise your day.

You don't need to call hotel to hotel asking them if they allow pets. Find your hotel right here along with their guidelines and choose the perfect match based on reviews, ratings and prices.

Bon voyage!



Our Story


Starting out as a simple school competition idea, Paws On is a growing platform that will make life better for you and your pet by providing all services on one platform. As a 11th grade student and a dog-lover, I hope to widen the pet society and create a community that feels free to share their stories, experiences and opportunities with one another. I do hope that you check out our new features such as Pet "Air B & B" . We would appreciate all your support and feed-back.




Where to shop from? What to buy? We have you covered. Discover new stores that sell doggy products and find new opportunities as you scroll down our list of stores.

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